England's World Cup Record

United States 1994


England were drawn in Qualifying Group 2 along with Holland, Poland, Norway, Turkey and San Marino.
The top 2 places in the group qualified for the Finals.

Qualifying Matches

09 Sep 1992OsloNorway v San Marino10-0
23 Sep 1992OsloNorway v Holland2-1
23 Sep 1992PoznanPoland v Turkey1-0
07 Oct 1992SerravalleSan Marino v Norway0-2
14 Oct 1992LondonEngland v Norway1-1
14 Oct 1992RotterdamHolland v Poland2-2
28 Oct 1992AnkaraTurkey v San Marino4-1
18 Nov 1992LondonEngland v Turkey4-0
16 Dec 1992IstanbulTurkey v Holland1-3
17 Feb 1993LondonEngland v San Marino6-0
24 Feb 1993UtrechtHolland v Turkey3-1
10 Mar 1993SerravalleSan Marino v Turkey0-0
24 Mar 1993UtrechtHolland v San Marino6-0
31 Mar 1993IzmirTurkey v England0-2
28 Apr 1993LondonEngland v Holland2-2
28 Apr 1993OsloNorway v Turkey3-1
28 Apr 1993LodzPoland v San Marino1-0
19 May 1993SerravalleSan Marino v Poland0-3
29 May 1993ChorzowPoland v England1-1
02 Jun 1993OsloNorway v England2-0
09 Jun 1993RotterdamHolland v Norway0-0
08 Sep 1993LondonEngland v Poland3-0
22 Sep 1993OsloNorway v Poland1-0
22 Sep 1993BolognaSan Marino v Holland0-7
13 Oct 1993RotterdamHolland v England2-0
13 Oct 1993PoznanPoland v Norway0-3
27 Oct 1993IstanbulTurkey v Poland2-1
10 Nov 1993IstanbulTurkey v Norway2-1
16 Nov 1993BolognaSan Marino v England1-7
17 Nov 1993PoznanPoland v Holland1-3


Group 2PlyWDLFAPts
San Marino100192461

England finished in third place and did not qualify for the final tournament.