England's World Cup Record

Russia 2018


England were drawn in Qualifying Group F along with Slovakia, Scotland, Slovenia, Lithuania and Malta.
The group winner qualifies for the Finals.
The 8 best second placed teams go to a play off round.

04 Sep 16VilniusLithuania v Slovenia2-2
04 Sep 16TrnavaSlovakia v England0-1
04 Sep 16VallettaMalta v Scotland1-5
08 Oct 16LondonEngland v Malta2-0
08 Oct 16GlasgowScotland v Lithuania1-1
08 Oct 16LjubljanaSlovenia v Slovakia1-0
11 Oct 16VilniusLithuania v Malta2-0
11 Oct 16TrnavaSlovakia v Scotland3-0
11 Oct 16LjubljanaSlovenia v England0-0
11 Nov 16LondonEngland v Scotland3-0
11 Nov 16VallettaMalta v Slovenia0-1
11 Nov 16TrnavaSlovakia v Lithuania4-0
26 Mar 17LondonEngland v Lithuania2-0
26 Mar 17GlasgowScotland v Slovenia1-0
26 Mar 17VallettaMalta v Slovakia1-3
10 Jun 17GlasgowScotland v England2-2
10 Jun 17LjubljanaSlovenia v Malta2-0
10 Jun 17VilniusLithuania v Slovakia1-2
01 Sep 17VallettaMalta v England0-4
01 Sep 17VilniusLithuania v Scotland0-3
01 Sep 17TrnavaSlovakia v Slovenia1-0
04 Sep 17LondonEngland v Slovakia2-1
04 Sep 17GlasgowScotland v Malta2-0
04 Sep 17LjubjanaSlovenia v Lithuania4-0
05 Oct 17LondonEngland v Slovenia1-0
05 Oct 17GlasgowScotland v Slovakia1-0
05 Oct 17VallettaMalta v Lithuania1-1
08 Oct 17VilniusLithuania v England0-1
08 Oct 17LjubljanaSlovenia v Scotland2-2
08 Oct 17TrnavaSlovakia v Malta3-0


Group FPlyWDLFAPts

England won the group and qualified. Slovakia were the overall worst second placed team and were eliminated.
More information on England's qualifying opponents is available here