England's World Cup Record

South Africa 2010


England were drawn in Qualifying Group 6 along with Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Andorra.
The group winner qualified for the Finals.
The 8 best second placed teams went to a play off round.

Qualifying Matches

20 Aug 08AlmatyKazakhstan v Andorra3-0
06 Sep 08LvivUkraine v Belarus1-0
06 Sep 08BarcelonaAndorra v England0-2
06 Sep 08ZagrebCroatia v Kazakhstan3-0
10 Sep 08AlmatyKazakhstan v Ukraine1-3
10 Sep 08Andorra La VellaAndorra v Belarus1-3
10 Sep 08ZagrebCroatia v England1-4
11 Oct 08LondonEngland v Kazakhstan5-1
11 Oct 08KharkovUkraine v Croatia0-0
15 Oct 08ZagrebCroatia v Andorra4-0
15 Oct 08MinskBelarus v England1-3
01 Apr 09AlmatyKazakhstan v Belarus1-5
01 Apr 09LondonEngland v Ukraine2-1
01 Apr 09Andorra La VellaAndorra v Croatia0-2
06 Jun 09GrodnoBelarus v Andorra5-1
06 Jun 09ZagrebCroatia v Ukraine2-2
06 Jun 09AlmatyKazahstan v England0-4
10 Jun 09LondonEngland v Andorra6-0
10 Jun 09KyivUkraine v Kazakhstan2-1
12 Aug 09MinskBelarus v Croatia1-3
05 Sep 09ZagrebCroatia v Belarus1-0
05 Sep 09KyivUkraine v Andorra5-0
09 Sep 09MinskBelarus v Ukraine0-0
09 Sep 09LondonEngland v Croatia5-1
09 Sep 09Andorra La VellaAndorra v Kazakhstan1-3
10 Oct 09BrestBelarus v Kazakhstan4-0
10 Oct 09DnepropetrovskUkraine v England1-0
14 Oct 09Andorra La VellaAndorra v Ukraine0-6
14 Oct 09AstanaKazakhstan v Croatia1-2
14 Oct 09LondonEngland v Belarus3-0


Group 6PlyWDLFAPts

England won the group and qualified for South Africa 2010.
Ukraine claimed a playoff place as one of the best second placed teams.

Final Tournament

England were drawn in Group C, along with United States, Algeria and Slovenia.
The top 2 places in the group qualified for the next phase.

First Round Matches - Group C

12 Jun 2010RustenbergEngland v United States1-1Simon (Brazil)
13 Jun 2010PolokwaneAlgeria v Slovenia0-1Batres (Guatemala)
18 Jun 2010JohannesburgSlovenia v United States2-2Coulibaly (Mali)
18 Jun 2010Cape TownEngland v Algeria0-0Irmatov (Uzbekistan)
23 Jun 2010Port ElizabethSlovenia v England0-1Stark (Germany)
23 Jun 2010PretoriaUnited States v Algeria1-0De Bleeckere (Belgium)


Group CPlyWDLFAPts
United States3120435

England finished in second place and qualified for the next round.

Second Round Matches

Second Round matches were played on a knock-out basis, the winner of each match qualified for the Quarter Finals.

26 Jun 2010Port ElizabethUruguay v South Korea2-1Stark (Germany)
26 Jun 2010RustenburgUSA v Ghana1-2 (AET)Kassai (Hungary)
27 Jun 2010BloemfonteinGermany v England4-1Larrionda (Uruguay)
27 Jun 2010JohannesburgArgentina v Mexico3-1Rosetti (Italy)
28 Jun 2010DurbanNetherlands v Slovakia2-1Undiano (Spain)
28 Jun 2010JohannesburgBrazil v Chile3-0Webb (England)
29 Jun 2010PretoriaParaguay v Japan0-0*De Bleeckere (Belgium)
29 Jun 2010Cape TownSpain v Portugal1-0Baldassi (Argentina)

*Paraguay won 5-3 on penalties.
England lost and were eliminated from the tournament.