England's World Cup Record

Qatar 2022


England were drawn in Qualifying Group I along with Poland, Hungary, Albania, Andorra and San Marino.
The group winner qualifies for the finals.
The second placed team advances to a play-off.

Qualifying Matches

25 Mar 21Andorra la VellaAndorra v Albania0-1
25 Mar 21LondonEngland v San Marino5-0
25 Mar 21BudapestHungary v Poland3-3
28 Mar 21TiraneAlbania v England0-2
28 Mar 21WarsawPoland v Andorra3-0
28 Mar 21SerravalleSan Marino v Hungary0-3
31 Mar 21Andorra la VellaAndorra v Hungary1-4
31 Mar 21LondonEngland v Poland2-1
31 Mar 21SerravalleSan Marino v Albania0-2
02 Sep 21Andorra la VellaAndorra v San Marinox
02 Sep 21WarsawPoland v Albaniax
02 Sep 21BudapestHungary v Englandx
05 Sep 21TiraneAlbania v Hungaryx
05 Sep 21LondonEngland v Andorrax
05 Sep 21SerravalleSan Marino v Polandx
08 Sep 21TiraneAlbania v San Marinox
08 Sep 21BudapestHungary v Andorrax
08 Sep 21WarsawPoland v Englandx
09 Oct 21Andorra la VellaAndorra v Englandx
09 Oct 21BudapestHungary v Albaniax
09 Oct 21WarsawPoland v San Marinox
12 Oct 21TiraneAlbania v Polandx
12 Oct 21LondonEngland v Hungaryx
12 Oct 21SerravalleSan Marino v Andorrax
12 Nov 21Andorra la VellaAndorra v Polandx
12 Nov 21LondonEngland v Albaniax
12 Nov 21BudapestHungary v San Marinox
15 Nov 21TiraneAlbania v Andorrax
15 Nov 21WarsawPoland v Hungaryx
15 Nov 21SerravalleSan Marino v Englandx


Group IPlyWDLFAPts
San Marino30030100