England's World Cup Record

Mexico 1986


England were drawn in Qualifying Group 3 along with Northern Ireland, Romania, Finland and Turkey.
The top 2 places in the group qualified for the Finals.

Qualifying Matches

27 May 1984PoriFinland v N.Ireland1-0
12 Sep 1984BelfastN.Ireland v Romania3-2
17 Oct 1984LondonEngland v Finland5-0
31 Oct 1984AntalyaTurkey v Finland1-2
14 Nov 1984BelfastN.Ireland v Finland2-1
14 Nov 1984IstanbulTurkey v England0-8
27 Feb 1985BelfastN.Ireland v England0-1
03 Apr 1985CraiovaRomania v Turkey3-0
01 May 1985BelfastN.Ireland v Turkey2-0
01 May 1985BucharestRomania v England0-0
22 May 1985HelsinkiFinland v England1-1
06 Jun 1985HelsinkiFinland v Romania1-1
28 Aug 1985TimisoaraRomania v Finland2-0
11 Sep 1985IzmirTurkey v N.Ireland0-0
11 Sep 1985LondonEngland v Romania1-1
25 Sep 1985TampereFinland v Turkey1-0
16 Oct 1985BucharestRomania v N.Ireland0-1
16 Oct 1985LondonEngland v Turkey5-0
13 Nov 1985LondonEngland v N.Ireland0-0
13 Nov 1985IzmirTurkey v Romania1-3


Group 3PlyWDLFAPts
Northern Ireland84228310

England qualified by winning the group.

Final Tournament

England were drawn in Group F, along with Poland, Portugal and Morocco.
The top 2 places in the group qualified for the next phase.
The best 4 third-placed teams from the First Round groups would also qualify.

First Round Matches - Group F

02 Jun 1986MonterreyMorocco v Poland0-015,000Martinez (URU)
03 Jun 1986MonterreyPortugal v England1-010,000Roth (GER)
06 Jun 1986MonterreyEngland v Morocco0-020,200Gonzalez (PAR)
07 Jun 1986MonterreyPoland v Portugal1-018,000Bennacuer (TUN)
11 Jun 1986GuadalajaraMorocco v Portugal3-145,000Snoddy (NIR)
11 Jun 1986MonterreyEngland v Poland3-014,000Dayna (SUI)


Group FPlyWDLFAPts

England finished in second place and qualified for the next phase of the tournament.

Second Round Matches

Second Round matches were played on a knock-out basis, the winner of each match qualified for the Quarter Finals.

15 Jun 1986Mexico CityMexico v Bulgaria2-0113,000Arppi Filho (BRA)
15 Jun 1986LeonUSSR v Belgium3-432,300Fredriksson (SWE)
16 Jun 1986PueblaArgentina v Uruguay1-030,000Agnolin (ITA)
16 Jun 1986GuadalajaraBrazil v Poland4-050,000Roth (GER)
17 Jun 1986Mexico CityFrance v Italy2-070,000Sposito (ARG)
17 Jun 1986MonterreyWest Germany v Morocco1-015,000Petrovic (YUG)
18 Jun 1986Mexico CityEngland v Paraguay3-098,800al-Sharif (SYR)
18 Jun 1986QueretaroSpain v Denmark5-145,000Keizer (HOL)

England qualified for the Quarter Finals.

Quarter Finals Matches

Quarter Finals matches were played on a knock-out basis, the winner of each match qualified for the Semi Finals.

21 Jun 1986GuadalajaraBrazil v France1-1*60,000Igna (ROM)
21 Jun 1986MonterreyMexico v West Germany0-0**50,000Palacios (COL)
22 Jun 1986PueblaSpain v Belgium1-1***50,000Kirschen (DDR)
22 Jun 1986Mexico CityArgentina v England2-1114,600Bennacuer (TUN)

England lost and were elimated from the competition.
*France won 4-3 on penalties.
**West Germany won 4-1 on penalties.
***Belgium won 5-4 on penalties.