England's World Cup Record

Italy 1990


England were drawn in Qualifying Group 2 along with Poland, Sweden and Albania.
The top 2 places in the group qualified for the Finals.

Qualifying Matches

19 Oct 1988LondonEngland v Sweden0-0
19 Oct 1988ChorzowPoland v Albania1-0
05 Nov 1988TiranëAlbania v Sweden1-2
08 Mar 1989TiranëAlbania v England0-2
26 Apr 1989LondonEngland v Albania5-0
07 May 1989SolnaSweden v Poland2-1
03 Jun 1989LondonEngland v Poland3-0
06 Sep 1989SolnaSweden v England0-0
08 Oct 1989SolnaSweden v Albania3-1
11 Oct 1989ChorzowPoland v England0-0
25 Oct 1989ChorzowPoland v Sweden0-2
15 Nov 1989TiranëAlbania v Poland1-2


Group 2PlyWDLFAPts

England qualified by finishing second in the group behind Sweden.

Final Tournament

England were drawn in Group F, along with Holland, Republic of Ireland and Egypt.
The top 2 places in the group qualified for the next phase.
The best 4 third-placed teams from the First Round groups would also qualify.

First Round Matches - Group F

11 Jun 1990CagliariEngland v Ireland1-135,200Schmidhuber (GER)
12 Jun 1990PalermoHolland v Egypt1-133,200Soriano (ESP)
16 Jun 1990CagliariEngland v Holland0-035,000Petrovic (YUG)
17 Jun 1990PalermoIreland v Egypt0-033,300van Langenhove (BEL)
21 Jun 1990CagliariEngland v Egypt1-034,900Rothlisberger (SUI)
21 Jun 1990PalermoHolland v Ireland1-133,200Vautrot (FRA)


Group FPlyWDLFAPts
Republic of Ireland3030223

England finished top of the group and qualified for the next phase of the tournament.
Positions of Ireland and Holland were determined by drawing lots.

Second Round Matches

Second Round matches were played on a knock-out basis, the winner of each match qualified for the Quarter Finals.

23 Jun 1990NaplesCameroon v Colombia2-150,000Lanese (ITA)
23 Jun 1990BariCzechoslovakia v Costa Rica4-148,000Kirschen (DDR)
24 Jun 1990TurinArgentina v Brazil1-061,000Quiniou (FRA)
24 Jun 1990MilanWest Germany v Holland2-175,000Lostau (ARG)
25 Jun 1990GenoaIreland v Romania0-0*32,000Ramiz Wright (BRA)
25 Jun 1990RomeItaly v Uruguay2-073,000Courtney (ENG)
26 Jun 1990VeronaYugoslavia v Spain2-135,000Schmidhuber (GER)
26 Jun 1990BolognaEngland v Belgium1-034,000Mikkelsen (DEN)

England qualified for the Quarter Finals.
*Ireland won 5-4 on penalties.

Quarter Finals Matches

Quarter Finals matches were played on a knock-out basis, the winner of each match qualified for the Semi Finals.

30 Jun 1990FlorenceArgentina v Yugoslavia0-0*39,000Rothlisberger (SUI)
30 Jun 1990RomeItaly v Ireland1-073,000Valente (POR)
01 Jul 1990MilanW.Germany v Czechoslovakia1-073,000Kohl (AUT)
01 Jul 1990NaplesEngland v Cameroon3-255,000Codesal Mendez (MEX)

England qualified for the Semi Finals.
*Argentina won 3-2 on penalties.

Semi Finals Matches

Semi Finals matches were played on a knock-out basis, the winner of each match qualified for the Final.

03 Jul 1990NaplesArgentina v Italy1-1*60,000Vautrot (FRA)
04 Jul 1990TurinWest Germany v England1-1**63,000Ramiz Wright (BRA)

*Argentina won 4-3 on penalties.
**West Germany won 4-3 on penalties.
England were eliminated, but played in the third place match.

Third Place Match

Played on a knock-out basis, the winner of the match achieved overall Third Place in the tournament.

06 Jul 1990BariItaly v England2-151,000Quiniou (FRA)

England lost the match but finished in 4th place in the tournament.