England's World Cup Record

Germany 2006


England were drawn in Qualifying Group 6 along with Poland, Austria, Wales, Northern Ireland and Azerbaijan.
The group winners and the 2 best second placed teams from the 8 groups qualified for the Finals.
The remaining 6 second placed teams went to a play off round.

Qualifying Matches

04 Sep 2004ViennaAustria v England2-2
04 Sep 2004BakuAzerbaijan v Wales1-1
04 Sep 2004BelfastN.Ireland v Poland0-3
08 Sep 2004ViennaAustria v Azerbaijan2-0
08 Sep 2004ChorzowPoland v England1-2
08 Sep 2004CardiffWales v N.Ireland2-2
09 Oct 2004BakuAzerbaijan v N.Ireland0-0
09 Oct 2004ViennaAustria v Poland1-3
09 Oct 2004ManchesterEngland v Wales2-0
13 Oct 2004BakuAzerbaijan v England0-1
13 Oct 2004BelfastN.Ireland v Austria3-3
13 Oct 2004CardiffWales v Poland2-3
26 Mar 2005ManchesterEngland v N.Ireland4-0
26 Mar 2005WarsawPoland v Azerbaijan8-0
26 Mar 2005CardiffWales v Austria0-2
30 Mar 2005ViennaAustria v Wales1-0
30 Mar 2005NewcastleEngland v Azerbaijan2-0
30 Mar 2005WarsawPoland v N.Ireland1-0
04 Jun 2005BakuAzerbaijan v Poland0-3
03 Sep 2005BelfastN.Ireland v Azerbaijan2-0
03 Sep 2005ChorzowPoland v Austria3-2
03 Sep 2005CardiffWales v England0-1
07 Sep 2005BakuAzerbaijan v Austria0-0
07 Sep 2005BelfastN.Ireland v England1-0
07 Sep 2005WarsawPoland v Wales1-0
08 Oct 2005ManchesterEngland v Austria1-0
08 Oct 2005BelfastN.Ireland v Wales2-3
12 Oct 2005ViennaAustria v N.Ireland2-0
12 Oct 2005ManchesterEngland v Poland2-1
12 Oct 2005CardiffWales v Azerbaijan2-0


Group 6PlyWDLFAPts
Northern Ireland1023510189

England finished top of the group and qualified for Germany 2006. Poland claimed an automatic qualification place too.

Final Tournament

England were drawn in Group B, along with Paraguay, Trinidad & Tobago and Sweden.
The top 2 places in the group qualified for the next phase.

First Round Matches - Group B

10 Jun 2006FrankfurtEngland v Paraguay1-0Rodriguez (Mexico)
10 Jun 2006DortmundTrinidad v Sweden0-0Maidan (Singapore)
15 Jun 2006NurembergEngland v Trinidad2-0Kamikawa (Japan)
15 Jun 2006BerlinSweden v Paraguay1-0Michel (Slovakia)
20 Jun 2006KaiserslauternParaguay v Trinidad2-0Rosetti (Italy)
20 Jun 2006CologneSweden v England2-2Busacca (Switzerland)


Group BPlyWDLFAPts
Trinidad & Tobago3012041

England won the group and advanced to the Second Round.

Second Round Matches

Second Round matches were played on a knock-out basis, the winner of each match qualified for the Quarter Finals.

24 Jun 2006MunichGermany v Sweden2-0Simon (Brazil)
24 Jun 2006LeipzigArgentina v Mexico2-1 AETBusacca (Switzerland)
25 Jun 2006StuttgartEngland v Ecuador1-0De Bleeckere (Belgium)
25 Jun 2006NurembergPortugal v Netherlands1-0Ivanov (Russia)
26 Jun 2006KaiserslauternItaly v Australia1-0Medina Cantalejo (Spain)
26 Jun 2006CologneSwitzerland v Ukraine0-0*Archundia (Mexico)
27 Jun 2006DortmundBrazil v Ghana3-0Michel (Slovakia)
27 Jun 2006HanoverSpain v France1-3Rosetti (Italy)

*Ukraine won 3-0 on penalties.

England won and advanced to the Quarter Finals.

Quarter Finals

Quarter Finals matches were played on a knock-out basis, the winner of each match qualified for the Quarter Finals.

30 Jun 2006BerlinGermany v Argentina1-1*Michel (Slovakia)
30 Jun 2006HamburgItaly v Ukraine3-0De Bleeckere (Belgium)
01 Jul 2006GelsenkirchenEngland v Portugal0-0**Elizondo (Argentina)
01 Jul 2006FrankfurtBrazil v France0-1Medina Cantalejo (Spain)

*Germany won 4-2 on penalties.
**Portugal won 3-1 on penalties.

England lost and were eliminated from the competition.