England's World Cup Record

France 1998


England were drawn in Qualifying Group 2 along with Italy, Poland, Georgia and Moldova.
The group winner qualified for the Finals, the second placed teams from each group advanced to a play-off round.

Qualifying Matches

01 Sep 1996ChisinauMoldova v England0-3
05 Oct 1996ChisinauMoldova v Italy1-3
09 Oct 1996LondonEngland v Poland2-1
09 Oct 1996PerugiaItaly v Georgia1-0
09 Nov 1996TblisiGeorgia v England0-2
10 Nov 1996KatowicePoland v Moldova2-1
12 Feb 1997LondonEngland v Italy0-1
29 Mar 1997TriesteItaly v Moldova3-0
02 Apr 1997ChorzowPoland v Italy0-0
30 Apr 1997LondonEngland v Georgia2-0
30 Apr 1997NaplesItaly v Poland3-0
31 May 1997ChorzowPoland v England0-2
07 Jun 1997TblisiGeorgia v Moldova2-0
14 Jun 1997KatowicePoland v Georgia4-1
10 Sep 1997LondonEngland v Moldova4-0
10 Sep 1997TblisiGeorgia v Italy0-0
24 Sep 1997ChisinauMoldova v Georgia0-1
07 Oct 1997ChisinauMoldova v Poland0-3
11 Oct 1997RomeItaly v England0-0
11 Oct 1997TblisiGeorgia v Poland3-0


Group 2PlyWDLFAPts

England qualified by winning the group.

Final Tournament

England were drawn in Group G, along with Romania, Colombia and Tunisia.
The top 2 places in the group qualified for the next phase.

First Round Matches - Group G

15 Jun 1998MarseilleEngland v Tunisia2-054,500Okada (JPN)
15 Jun 1998LyonRomania v Colombia1-037,600Lim (MTS)
22 Jun 1998MontpellierColombia v Tunisia1-035,500Heynemann (GER)
22 Jun 1998ToulouseRomania v England2-135,000Batta (FRA)
26 Jun 1998ParisRomania v Tunisia1-180,000Lennie (AUS)
26 Jun 1998LensEngland v Colombia2-041,300Brizio Carter (MEX)


Group GPlyWDLFAPts

England finished second in the group and qualified for the next phase of the tournament.

Second Round Matches

Second Round matches were played on a knock-out basis, the winner of each match qualified for the Quarter Finals.

27 Jun 1998MarseilleItaly v Norway1-060,000Heynemann (GER)
27 Jun 1998ParisBrazil v Chile4-148,000Batta (FRA)
28 Jun 1998LensFrance v Paraguay1-041,300Bujsaim (UAE)
28 Jun 1998ParisDenmark v Nigeria4-180,000Meier (SUI)
29 Jun 1998MontpellierGermany v Mexico2-135,500Pereira (POR)
29 Jun 1998ToulouseHolland v Yugoslavia2-137,500Garcia Aranda (ESP)
30 Jun 1998BordeauxCroatia v Romania1-035,000Castrilli (ARG)
30 Jun 1998Saint-EtienneArgentina v England2-2*36,000Nielsen (DEN)

*Argentina won 4-3 on penalties.
England were eliminated from the competition.