England's World Cup Record

Brazil 2014


England were drawn in Qualifying Group H along with Montenegro, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova and San Marino.
The group winner qualifies for the Finals.
The 8 best second placed teams go to a play off round.

07 Sep 12ChisinauMoldova v England0-5
07 Sep 12PodgoricaMontenegro v Poland2-2
11 Sep 12LondonEngland v Ukraine1-1
11 Sep 12WroclawPoland v Moldova2-0
11 Sep 12SerravalleSan Marino v Montenegro0-6
12 Oct 12LondonEngland v San Marino5-0
12 Oct 12ChisinauMoldova v Ukraine0-0
16 Oct 12SerravalleSan Marino v Moldova0-2
16 Oct 12KyivUkraine v Montenegro0-1
17 Oct 12WarsawPoland v England1-1
14 Nov 12PodgoricaMontenegro v San Marino3-0
22 Mar 13ChisinauMoldova v Montenegro0-1
22 Mar 13WarsawPoland v Ukraine1-3
22 Mar 13SerravalleSan Marino v England0-8
26 Mar 13PodgoricaMontenegro v England1-1
26 Mar 13WarsawPoland v San Marino5-0
26 Mar 13OdessaUkraine v Moldova2-1
07 Jun 13ChisinauMoldova v Poland1-1
07 Jun 13PodgoricaMontenegro v Ukraine0-4
06 Sep 13LondonEngland v Moldova4-0
06 Sep 13WarsawPoland v Montenegro1-1
06 Sep 13LvivUkraine v San Marino9-0
10 Sep 13SerravalleSan Marino v Poland1-5
10 Sep 13KyivUkraine v England0-0
11 Oct 13LondonEngland v Montenegro4-1
11 Oct 13ChisinauMoldova v San Marino3-0
11 Oct 13KharkivUkraine v Poland1-0
15 Oct 13LondonEngland v Poland2-0
15 Oct 13PodgoricaMontenegro v Moldova1-5
15 Oct 13SerravalleSan Marino v Ukraine0-8


Group HPlyWDLFAPts
San Marino1000101540

England finished top of the group and qualified for the World Cup finals.

Final Tournament

England were drawn in Group D along with Uruguay, Costa Rica and Italy.
The Group winner and runner-up qualify for the next round.

First Round Matches - Group D

14 Jun 2014FortalezaUruguay v Costa Rica1-3Brych (Germany)
14 Jun 2014ManausEngland v Italy1-2Kuipers (Netherlands)
19 Jun 2014Sao PauloUruguay v England2-1Velasco (Spain)
20 Jun 2014RecifeItaly v Costa Rica0-1Osses (Chile)
24 Jun 2014NatalItaly v Uruguay0-1Rodriguez (Mexico)
24 Jun 2014Belo HorizonteCosta Rica v England0-0Haimoudi (Algeria)


Group DPlyWDLFAPts
Costa Rica3210417

England finished bottom of the group and were eliminated.