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The Football Association - Official website of the FA. The Football Association

EnglandFootballOnline - Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the England football team. EnglandFootballOnline

Ulf Brennmo's England Page - A list of match results. Ulf Brennmo's England Page

England Stats - Searchable database of England football results. England Stats

England Memories - Nostalgia of the England football team down the years. England Memories

International Football

FIFA - Official website of

UEFA - Official website of

Other Football Sites

Rec.Sports.Soccer Statistics Foundation - A huge online resource for football stats.

EU-Football - An excellent resource for match data of European national teams.

Association of Football Statisticians - Official website of AFS.

Planet World Cup - Comprehensive coverage of the World Cup 1930-present.

National Football Teams - History and stats for national teams around the world.