England's European Championship Record

Portugal 2004


England were drawn in Qualifying Group 7, along with Turkey (seeded top of the group), Slovakia, FYR Macedonia and Liechtenstein.
The Group winner qualified for the final tournament, the runner-up advanced to a play-off.

07 Sep 02IstanbulTurkey v Slovakia3-0
07 Sep 02VaduzLiechtenstein v FYR Macedonia1-1
12 Oct 02BratislavaSlovakia v England1-2
12 Oct 02SkopjeFYR Macedonia v Turkey1-2
16 Oct 02IstanbulTurkey v Liechtenstein5-0
16 Oct 02SouthamptonEngland v FYR Macedonia2-2
29 Mar 03VaduzLiechtenstein v England0-2
29 Mar 03SkopjeFYR Macedonia v Slovakia0-2
02 Apr 03SunderlandEngland v Turkey2-0
02 Apr 03TrnavaSlovakia v Liechtenstein4-0
07 Jun 03BratislavaSlovakia v Turkey0-1
07 Jun 03SkopjeFYR Macedonia v Liechtenstein3-1
11 Jun 03MiddlesbroughEngland v Slovakia2-1
11 Jun 03IstanbulTurkey v FYR Macedonia3-2
06 Sep 03VaduzLiechtenstein v Turkey0-3
06 Sep 03SkopjeFYR Macedonia v England1-2
10 Sep 03ManchesterEngland v Liechtenstein2-0
10 Sep 03ZilinaSlovakia v FYR Macedonia1-1
11 Oct 03IstanbulTurkey v England0-0
11 Oct 03VaduzLiechtenstein v Slovakia0-2

Qualifying Group 7PlyWDLFAPts
FYR Macedonia813411136

England won the group and qualified for the final tournament.

Final Tournament

England were drawn in Group B, along with France, Croatia & Switzerland.
The Top 2 places qualified for the Quarter Finals.

First Round Matches - Group B

13 Jun 2004LisbonFrance v England2-162,487Merk (Germany)
13 Jun 2004LeiriaSwitzerland v Croatia0-024,000Batista (Portugal)
17 Jun 2004CoimbraEngland v Switzerland3-028,214Ivanov (Russia)
17 Jun 2004LeiriaCroatia v France2-229,160Nielsen (Denmark)
21 Jun 2004LisbonCroatia v England2-457,047Collina (Italy)
21 Jun 2004CoimbraSwitzerland v France1-328,111Michel (Slovakia)


Group BPlyWDLFAPts

England finished in second place in the group and advanced to the Quarter Final.

Quarter Finals

Played on a knock-out basis, match winners advance to the Semi Finals.

24 Jun 2004LisbonPortugal v England2-2*62,564Meier (Switzerland)
25 Jun 2004LisbonFrance v Greece0-145,390Frisk (Sweden)
26 Jun 2004Faro-LouleSweden v Holland0-0**27,762Michel (Slovakia)
27 Jun 2004PortoCzech Rep. v Denmark3-041,092Ivanov (Russia)

*Portugal 6-5 on penalties after extra time and England were eliminated from the competition.
**Holland won 5-4 on penalties after extra time.