England's European Championship Record

Italy 1980

England were drawn in Qualifying Group 1 along with Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Denmark and Bulgaria.
The group winner qualified for the Finals.

Qualifying Matches

24 May 1978CopenhagenDenmark v Ireland3-3
20 Sep 1978DublinIreland v N.Ireland0-0
20 Sep 1978CopenhagenDenmark v England3-4
11 Oct 1978CopenhagenDenmark v Bulgaria2-2
25 Oct 1978DublinIreland v England1-1
25 Oct 1978BelfastN.Ireland v Denmark2-1
29 Nov 1978SofiaBulgaria v N.Ireland0-2
07 Feb 1979LondonEngland v N.Ireland4-0
02 May 1979DublinIreland v Denmark2-0
02 May 1979BelfastN.Ireland v Bulgaria2-0
19 May 1979SofiaBulgaria v Ireland1-0
06 Jun 1979SofiaBulgaria v England0-3
06 Jun 1979CopenhagenDenmark v N.Ireland4-0
09 Sep 1979LondonEngland v Denmark1-0
17 Oct 1979DublinIreland v Bulgaria3-0
17 Oct 1979BelfastN.Ireland v England1-5
31 Oct 1979SofiaBulgaria v Denmark3-0
21 Nov 1979BelfastN.Ireland v Ireland1-0
22 Nov 1979LondonEngland v Bulgaria2-0
06 Feb 1980LondonEngland v Ireland2-0


Group 1PlyWDLFAPts
Northern Ireland84138149
Republic of Ireland8233987

England won the group and qualified for the final tournament.

Final Tournament

England were drawn in Group 2, along with Belgium, Italy and Spain.
The group winner qualified for the Final.
The second placed team in each group played in the Third Place match.

First Round Matches - Group 2

12 Jun 1980TurinBelgium v England1-115,000Adlinger (GER)
12 Jun 1980MilanSpain v Italy0-075,000Palotai (HUN)
15 Jun 1980MilanSpain v Belgium1-211,000Corver (HOL)
15 Jun 1980TurinItaly v England1-060,000Rainea (ROM)
18 Jun 1980NaplesSpain v England1-214,000Linemayr (AUT)
18 Jun 1980RomeItaly v Belgium0-055,000Garrido (POR)


Group 2PlyWDLFAPts

England finished in third place and were eliminated from the competition.