England's European Championship Record

France 1984

England were drawn in Qualifying Group 3 along with Denmark, Greece, Hungary and Luxembourg.
The group winner qualified for the Finals.

Qualifying Matches

22 Sep 1982CopenhagenDenmark v England2-2
09 Oct 1982LuxembourgLuxembourg v Greece0-2
10 Nov 1982LuxembourgLuxembourg v Denmark1-2
17 Nov 1982SalonikaGreece v England0-3
15 Dec 1982LondonEngland v Luxembourg9-0
27 Mar 1983LuxembourgLuxembourg v Hungary2-6
30 Mar 1983LondonEngland v Greece0-0
17 Apr 1983BudapestHungary v Luxembourg6-2
24 Apr 1983LondonEngland v Hungary2-0
27 Apr 1983CopenhagenDenmark v Greece1-0
27 Apr 1983BudapestHungary v Greece2-3
15 May 1983CopenhagenDenmark v Hungary3-1
01 Jun 1983LondonEngland v Denmark0-1
21 Sep 1983BudapestHungary v England0-3
12 Oct 1983CopenhagenDenmark v Luxembourg6-0
12 Oct 1983BudapestHungary v Denmark1-0
26 Oct 1983AthensGreece v Denmark0-2
16 Nov 1983LuxembourgLuxembourg v England0-4
16 Nov 1983SalonikaGreece v Hungary2-2
03 Dec 1983AthensGreece v Luxembourg1-0


Group 3PlyWDLFAPts

England finished in second place and failed to qualify for the final tournament.