England's European Championship Record

Pan-Europe 2020


England were drawn in Qualifying Group A, along with Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Kosovo.
The group winner and runner up qualify for the final tournament.
England and Kosovo are guaranteed at least a play-off place via the Nations League.

22 Mar 19LondonEngland v Czech Republic5-0
22 Mar 19SofiaBulgaria v Montenegro1-1
25 Mar 19PodgoricaMontenegro v England1-5
25 Mar 19PristinaKosovo v Bulgaria1-1
07 Jun 19PragueCzech Republic v Bulgaria2-1
07 Jun 19PodgoricaMontenegro v Kosovo1-1
10 Jun 19OlomoucCzech Republic v Montenegro3-0
10 Jun 19SofiaBulgaria v Kosovo2-3
07 Sep 19PristinaKosovo v Czech Republic2-1
07 Sep 19LondonEngland v Bulgaria4-0
10 Sep 19SouthamptonEngland v Kosovo5-3
10 Sep 19PodgoricaMontenegro v Czech Republic0-3
11 Oct 19PragueCzech Republic v England2-1
11 Oct 19PodgoricaMontenegro v Bulgaria0-0
14 Oct 19SofiaBulgaria v England0-6
14 Oct 19PristinaKosovo v Montenegro2-0
14 Nov 19LondonEngland v Montenegro7-0
14 Nov 19PlzenCzech Republic v Kosovo2-1
17 Nov 19PristinaKosovo v England0-4
17 Nov 19SofiaBulgaria v Czech Republic1-0

Qualifying Group APlyWDLFAPts
Czech Republic8503131115

England won the group and qualified for Euro 2020. Czech Republic also qualified. Kosovo have a play-off place.

Final Tournament

The tournament was postponed from summer 2020 to summer 2021 due to the COVID pandemic
England were drawn in Group D along with Croatia, Scotland and Czech Republic.
The top 2 places in the group, plus the four best third-placed teams qualified for the Round of 16.

First Round Matches - Group D

13 Jun 2021LondonEngland v Croatiaxx
14 Jun 2021GlasgowScotland v Czech Republicxx
18 Jun 2021GlasgowCroatia v Czech Republicxx
18 Jun 2021LondonEngland v Scotlandxx
22 Jun 2021GlasgowCroatia v Scotlandxx
22 Jun 2021LondonCzech Republic v Englandxx


Group DPlyWDLFAPts
Czech Republicxxxxxxx