England's European Championship Record

Pan-Europe 2020


England were drawn in Qualifying Group A, along with Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Kosovo.
The group winner and runner up qualify for the final tournament.
England may also obtain a play-off place via the Nations League.

22 Mar 19LondonEngland v Czech Republic 
22 Mar 19SofiaBulgaria v Montenegro 
25 Mar 19PodgoricaMontenegro v England 
25 Mar 19PristinaKosovo v Bulgaria 
07 Jun 19TBCCzech Republic v Bulgaria 
07 Jun 19PodgoricaMontenegro v Kosovo 
10 Jun 19TBCCzech Republic v Montenegro 
10 Jun 19SofiaBulgaria v Kosovo 
07 Sep 19PristinaKosovo v Czech Republic 
07 Sep 19LondonEngland v Bulgaria 
10 Sep 19LondonEngland v Kosovo 
10 Sep 19PodgoricaMontenegro v Czech Republic 
11 Oct 19TBCCzech Republic v England 
11 Oct 19PodgoricaMontenegro v Bulgaria 
14 Oct 19SofiaBulgaria v England 
14 Oct 19PristinaKosovo v Montenegro 
14 Nov 19LondonEngland v Montenegro 
14 Nov 19TBCCzech Republic v Kosovo 
17 Nov 19PristinaKosovo v England 
17 Nov 19SofiaBulgaria v Czech Republic 

Qualifying Group APlyWDLFAPts
Czech Republic0000000

Information on England's opponents is available here