England's European Championship Record

England 1996

As the host nation, England were automatically qualified for the Finals.

Final Tournament

England were drawn in Group A, along with Holland, Scotland and Switzerland.
The top 2 places in the group qualified for the Quarter Finals.

First Round Matches - Group A

08 Jun 1996LondonEngland v Switzerland1-176,600Diaz Vega (ESP)
10 Jun 1996BirminghamHolland v Scotland0-034,400Sundell (SWE)
13 Jun 1996BirminghamHolland v Switzerland2-036,800Ouzounov (BUL)
15 Jun 1996LondonEngland v Scotland2-076,800Pairetto (ITA)
18 Jun 1996BirminghamScotland v Switzerland1-034,900Krondl (GER)
18 Jun 1996LondonEngland v Holland4-176,800Grabner (AUT)


Group APlyWDLFAPts

England won the group and qualified for the Quarter Finals.

Quarter Finals

Played on a knock-out basis, match winners advance to the Semi Finals.

22 Jun 1996LondonEngland v Spain0-0*75,500Batta (FRA)
22 Jun 1996LiverpoolFrance v Holland0-0**37,500Lopez Nieto (ESP)
23 Jun 1996ManchesterGermany v Croatia2-143,400Sundell (SWE)
23 Jun 1996BirminghamCzech Republic v Portugal1-026,800Krug (GER)

*England won 4-2 on penalties and advanced to the Semi Finals.
**France won 5-4 on penalties.

Semi Finals

Played on a knock-out basis, match winners advance to the Final.

26 Jun 1996ManchesterFrance v Czech Republic0-0*43,900Mottram (SCO)
26 Jun 1996LondonEngland v Germany1-1**75,900Puhl (HUN)

*Czech Republic won 5-4 on penalties.
**Germany won 6-5 on penalties. England were eliminated from the competition.