England's European Championship Record

Austria & Switzerland 2008


England were drawn in Qualifying Group E, along with Croatia, Russia, Israel, Estonia, FYR Macedonia and Andorra.
The top 2 places qualified for the final tournament.

16 Aug 06TallinnEstonia v FYR Macedonia0-1
02 Sep 06ManchesterEngland v Andorra5-0
02 Sep 06TallinnEstonia v Israel0-1
06 Sep 06NijmegenIsrael v Andorra4-1
06 Sep 06SkopjeFYR Macedonia v England0-1
06 Sep 06MoscowRussia v Croatia0-0
07 Oct 06ZagrebCroatia v Andorra7-0
07 Oct 06ManchesterEngland v FYR Macedonia0-0
07 Oct 06MoscowRussia v Israel1-1
11 Oct 06AndorraAndorra v FYR Macedonia0-3
11 Oct 06ZagrebCroatia v England2-0
11 Oct 06MoscowRussia v Estonia2-0
15 Nov 06Tel AvivIsrael v Croatia3-4
15 Nov 06SkopjeFYR Macedonia v Russia0-2
24 Mar 07ZagrebCroatia v FYR Macedonia2-1
24 Mar 07TallinnEstonia v Russia0-2
24 Mar 07Tel AvivIsrael v England0-0
28 Mar 07BarcelonaAndorra v England0-3
28 Mar 07Tel AvivIsrael v Estonia4-0
02 Jun 07TallinnEstonia v Croatia0-1
02 Jun 07SkopjeFYR Macedonia v Israel1-2
02 Jun 07St PetersburgRussia v Andorra4-0
06 Jun 07AndorraAndorra v Israel0-2
06 Jun 07TallinnEstonia v England0-3
06 Jun 07ZagrebCroatia v Russia0-0
22 Aug 07TallinnEstonia v Andorra2-1
08 Sep 07ZagrebCroatia v Estonia2-0
08 Sep 07LondonEngland v Israel3-0
08 Sep 07MoscowRussia v FYR Macedonia3-0
12 Sep 07AndorraAndorra v Croatia0-6
12 Sep 07LondonEngland v Russia3-0
12 Sep 07SkopjeFYR Macedonia v Estonia1-1
13 Oct 07LondonEngland v Estonia3-0
17 Oct 07ZagrebCroatia v Israel1-0
17 Oct 07SkopjeFYR Macedonia v Andorra3-0
17 Oct 07MoscowRussia v England2-1
17 Nov 07AndorraAndorra v Estonia0-2
17 Nov 07SkopjeFYR Macedonia v Croatia2-0
17 Nov 07Tel AvivIsrael v Russia2-1
21 Nov 07AndorraAndorra v Russia0-1
21 Nov 07LondonEngland v Croatia2-3
21 Nov 07Tel AvivIsrael v FYR Macedonia1-0

Qualifying Group EPlyWDLFAPts
FYR Macedonia12426121214

England finished third in the group and failed to qualify for the final tournament.